I recently switched to using the domain name jdzhao.com for my blog, though I haven't been using this particular domain for very long and have had many others in the past.

A curious incident occurred recently when I shared my website, and it was blocked by Tencent, warning of inappropriate content. This piqued my curiosity about what this domain had been used for before I registered it.

I conducted my research through https://web.archive.org/ and discovered that this domain had been registered and used by at least three different parties since 2011.https://web.archive.org/ 查询的,可以看到,这个域名在我之前应该至少被3波人注册并使用过,时间从2011年开始。

In 2011, it was known as "Jian Dan Zhao", which translates quite crudely to "Simple Recruitment". The style of the webpage truly brought one back a decade in its simplicity.

Unfortunately, this entrepreneurial journey didn't last long, as there were no records of any page associated with the domain from the end of this venture until 2014. At the end of 2014, someone utilized the domain to set up an Android learning manual.

The webmaster at the time must have been quite knowledgeable, as the development manual remained available until the second half of 2017, after which the domain likely expired.

After that, the content that led to Tencent's blocking occurred.

From 2019 to 2022, the domain didn't host any respectable content. In March 2023, another company registered this domain, but they appeared to be less than reputable and soon let the domain go, likely leading to its expiration in the first half of 2023.

I took over the domain in mid-2023, and my reason for registering it was purely based on my name.

I feel a pang of sympathy for this domain—it's been through a lot. I hope the major search engines will let it rest easy soon.

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