Plans often can't keep up with changes. For various reasons, I will be leaving Beijing tomorrow.

Time flies so fast. I found the first photo I took when I just arrived here.

This afternoon, I took some time to visit Baiyun Temple. I remembered the last time I went there was shortly after I arrived in Beijing, on September 21, 2023. It feels like coming full circle. The next visit might be next year.


Since I had things to do in the afternoon, I took a cab to Baiyun Temple around noon. There were noticeably fewer people at that time.


This visit comes eight months after my last. Standing in front of the temple, the familiar fragrance filled the air, instantly calming my mind and making time seem to slow down. I am grateful for the inner peace and strength this place has given me. The Taoist priest inside the temple was very kind and even gave me an offering, which brought me some comfort.

I am grateful for these eight months of dedicated time off.

It gave me the opportunity to return to school, which feels even more precious after experiencing the hardships of society.

I am thankful to my teachers and classmates.

Soon, I will return to the south and back to work.

Before embarking on this new journey, this moment has helped me regain my inner balance.

May everything go well!

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