As a non-Hong Kong resident, it used to be very inconvenient to obtain a real-name Octopus card. I remember that one must physically be in Hong Kong and then go to the Octopus physical office to handle the process.

At the beginning of this year, I found out that one can apply for a real-name verified Octopus card through the Octopus app, and passport verification can be completed online. The only requirement is a Hong Kong address. From personal experience, using the address of a rented Hong Kong mailbox also works fine.

Today, I received the physical card sent from Hong Kong. After opening the Octopus app and entering the relevant information, activation and binding can be completed via NFC.

Friends who are interested can get one, which is convenient for future long-term visits to Hong Kong, avoiding the hassle of losing an Octopus card.

Of course, if you like using APPLE PAY, that is even more convenient, no problem~

As for me, I just wanted one~ no specific reason.

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