This week, I finally called to close my Barclays Business account since they started charging monthly fees.

Although I tried to apply for business accounts with Monzo and HSBC, both were rejected due to my company being a shell company and its status being self-declared as dormant. So, I couldn't get a SWIFT account either.

I chose to open the Barclays Business Account on March 3rd of last year, mainly to experience it, as the first year was fee-free.

After the first monthly fee was deducted last month, I decided to close the account. I initially thought it would be very cumbersome, but it was actually very simple.

I directly called Barclays, connected with a customer service representative, and informed them that I wanted to close my business account.

The representative will ask you to verify your identity using the Barclays app, then transfer the balance to your personal account, and inquire about billing queries, retention, and mailing details. It took about 10 minutes to close the account.

Friends in China can use Skype to make the call, saving some phone charges. However, it's best to preset your outgoing number to the UK number you have registered with Barclays.

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