I've only ever managed to successfully register with Equifax (EQ). In the past, when I tried to subscribe to premium services to access information from the other two credit bureaus, I could never pull the information from TU.

Today, by chance, I received an advertisement from EQ offering the first 7 days for just $1, so I clicked and made the payment.

Surprisingly, I was able to successfully pull credit reports from the other two agencies, but then, but!!

The first one is my Equifax (EQ) record, where the last four digits are correct. The following two are records from Experian and TransUnion, and I just couldn't keep it together when I saw the last four digits. My fellow Chinese friends would definitely make a connection here; it seems to bear a slight resemblance to our Chinese ID numbers...

No wonder, no wonder I've never been able to get CITI and APPLE CARD; they always say my credit record does not match.

I'm really at my wit's end... Thinking back, only two banks could be responsible for this mix-up: the once highly popular Huamei VELO and AMEX.

Well, I guess I'll just have to send letters to dispute this with both of them, hoping to get the incorrect SSN corrected to my ITIN or removed altogether.

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