HSBC FR was one of the later accounts I opened. I first received the HSBC France debit card around mid-2022.

At that time, it was because I felt the N26 account was not very stable and secure. Due to the information provided during account creation, I was worried that if something unexpected happened with the N26 account, I would be left without a usable Eurozone bank account. So, I went online to the HSBC.FR website and opened an HSBC France account.

Here's a photo to remember it by (the card has already been discarded, only this photo remains).

The last email I received from was on December 7, 2023, which was already introducing how to migrate the account to CCF.

After registering on the CCF website according to the email instructions, I was able to access account-related information. However, I needed to receive another activation letter, similar to a PIN code. Since it was sent by regular mail, there was a delay in January, and it wasn't until today that I fully activated all the features of my CCF account.

Below is a screenshot from the CCF bank mobile app.

CCF is now my only Eurozone bank account.

Let's use it and cherish it~

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