Last weekend, I had no plans to go out, but just then, a friend wanted to get some fresh air and head towards Inner Mongolia. I had never been there before, so I decisively joined the trip to Inner Mongolia. The journey mainly relied on renting a car for a road trip, because Inner Mongolia is truly vast.

On Saturday morning, we took the high-speed train and arrived at the Ulanqab Station, where we picked up the rental car.


The drive was actually quite long, but it had a unique charm for us. At this time of year, the grasslands of Inner Mongolia haven’t yet grown their grass, giving it a feel similar to driving through the deserts of the American West.


In the afternoon, we arrived at the Dahongshan area in Siziwang Banner, Ulanqab, our first destination. We spent two hours there enjoying the spectacular scenery. Interestingly, we also came across a new car being featured in a commercial shoot at this location.


The small Changan car we rented was quite fitting for the environment, and it looked impressively dominant in photos.




That evening, we reached Erenhot, a border city where Mongolia is just next door. The next day, we went to have a look at the national border gate, but it was closed due to a sandstorm warning and we couldn’t go in for a visit.


Afterwards, amidst the strong winds and sandstorms, we hurriedly visited the Rulai Shen Zhang and the Wulan Hada Volcano Group. The touring experience was not very pleasant; the wind almost made us dizzy. If you plan to visit Inner Mongolia, don't be like us; make sure to prepare appropriate clothing and check the weather forecast in advance.


After leaving Erenhot and entering the territory of Ulanqab, there was much less dust, but the wind was still very strong and my clothes were inadequate against it.


Finally, we had dinner in Ulanqab and I would recommend trying the local specialty, Bai Da's mutton and camel meat pies, which were excellent!

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